Sales, consignment, appraisals, marketing, and breeding.
We find your dream horse in your budget.

 Every horse and rider are not a match. We make it our business to go the extra mile in attempt to find EVERY client that perfect horse.  If you are buying a new horse or looking for a home for you current one, we will apply our experience, compassion and honesty to your horse. We are here to make horse buying a FUN and exciting experience. There is a horse for everyone out there.

For Buyers: We will guide you through the steps of suitable horses so your time is not wasted with horses that are misrepresented, out of budget, or simply not suitable. Let us know your requirements as well as your budget and we will go to work for you.

All horses presented have been in our training program and are exactly as stated in their description. We do not knowingly accept horses that will not pass vettings nor perform as they are advertised. We also do not push horses unsuited onto prospective buyers - the horse's best interest is priority and we stake our reputation on this. 

For Sellers: Your horse will be trained to increase or maintain its market value in the discipline most suited for your horse to include dressage, jumpers, eventing and foxhunting. We will market your horse through online resources and word of mouth. All inquiries will be handled with a timely/professional response and videos will be sent to those that inquire. We will handle all appointments for trial with the well being of the horse as #1 priority.

We offer a comprehensive sales preparation service to include training for the sport horse in the most suitable discipline, and complete marketing and presentation for sale. We provide our services to individual horse owners, breeders and current client base who may not have the facility or time to properly prepare sport horses for sale, nor the time or resources to make and send videos and field trial/vetting appointments. We represent horses ranging from green broke to performing in the Grand Prix ring.